Introducing our new sports reporter

By: By Nick Pecoraro
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All I’ve ever wanted to do was to write about sports.

Working in the restaurant business for most of my adult life, I always found it ironic that even with all of the delicious goodies readily available anytime I wanted, I was constantly hungry. I’m not talking about the type of stomach-growling hunger that seems to show up more and more often with this mid-30s dad-bod. I was starving to find a direction.

Through numerous ups and downs at various establishments over the years, I had ultimately learned a lot from the restaurant business and had been treated pretty well, overall. The problem was that my heart lay elsewhere. I made a decision to go back to school in 2016 and hopefully earn an opportunity to do what I truly love: sports journalism.

In my opinion, the stories that come from athletics are some of the most entertaining and inspiring tales to be told. Some of my best friendships and relationships in my life have stemmed from a shared love of sports. I even met my wife covering a high school volleyball game in which she was coaching at the time. We’ve now been married since 2014, and we have two hilarious and (thanks to her) beautiful children — Olivia, 3, and Lukas, born in April, 2018.

I recently interned at KCRA Channel 3 News writing and producing the sports segment of the news for Sports Anchor Del Rodgers. I was also the sports editor for the “Express” student newspaper at Sacramento City College, where I recently graduated with honors.

Currently a journalism student at Sacramento State for the next couple years, I have worked part-time for the Folsom Telegraph since 2010, covering various sports from Folsom, Oak Ridge and Vista del Lago high schools. I’ve often joked with Folsom head football coach Kris Richardson that it wasn’t until I arrived in 2010 that Folsom began its incredible stretch of winning three state championships in the past eight years. Surely, there is no coincidence.

Not that schools like Placer, Colfax, Foresthill or Bear River need it — each program having tremendous successes in their own right — but I’ll be happy to bring my good mojo up to the Auburn corridor as well.

I’m thrilled to be a part of the Placer community! I’ve witnessed firsthand the abundance of exceptional talent and tradition that graces the athletic fields every single year in this area, and I’m excited to get out and tell as many of your stories as possible. Not just the ones from inside the box score, but also the driving forces behind each individual athlete, coach or team.

I’m honored to be part of a staff that is looking to move forward with its “A” team. If you see me out there for Friday night football or anywhere else in the near future, come and say hi! Just look for the dad-bod with a big smile on his face.

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