SALTS brings science of the Old World to Granite Bay

Centuries of tradition, new technology collide for health at SALTS
By: Scott Noble for the Press Tribune and Granite Bay View
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WHERE: 6933 Douglas Blvd. in Granite Bay ·

HOURS: Tuesday thru Friday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday, Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

CONTACT: Call (916) 899-6610 or visit

For centuries, the health benefits of the Dead Sea have been touted as a wonder of nature.  Thousands still flock to what is known as the lowest and saltiest place on earth, relaxing and rejuvenating in waters stirred with 29 percent salt and a bevy of minerals. It is said that a float in the Dead Sea can help with breathing, skin and pain-related issues — washing people over with a soothing, stress-relieving experience. And Granite Bay locals in search of these natural benefits do not need to book a flight to Israel; they can simply take a trip to SALTS on Douglas Boulevard.

Granite Bay resident Erica Colby opened the business in December and has been pleased with its growing popularity. Flotation therapy, salt room Halotherapy and an Infrared Sauna are all integral to the facility’s appeal. 

“I discovered Halotherapy after quite a bit of research when looking for something to act as a preventative treatment for lung issues,” Colby recalled. “My husband’s side of the family has a history of lung cancer, and I wanted to improve his chances for long-term good health and Halo seemed like a perfect fit.”

Halo is a treatment in which people can scrub their lungs of toxins by breathing an aerosol salt vapor, which is created by a special machine. Colby’s chamber for this treatment mimics the air quality of an old salt mine. She likens the experience to getting one’s lungs worked with a toothbrush. Colby says one testament to the benefits of Halo treatment involves studies of the lung health for European salt miners compared to the general public.

“The miners were found to have fewer toxins in their lungs and their overall lung health,” Colby pointed out. “And their lung capacity was much better than say, the average person.”

The casual, nondescript look of SALTS’ business front has teased a lot of Granite Bay residents to wandering in through serendipitous chance.  

“Most people will walk in out of curiosity,” Colby observed. “After checking the place out, they leave, do some research, and eventually come back. After that, they are usually hooked.”

Kim Cota works part-time at the spa and remembers that once she learned what the treatments offered, she decided to give each a try in an effort to subdue her ongoing back issues. The infrared Sauna and floating therapy both felt fantastic, and Cota now enjoys informing potential clients through her own story.

“I have some pretty severe back problems and have tried other maintenance-type programs, such as hot yoga, chiropractic and acupuncture, which are great, but after one session of Infrared Sauna, I was able to stretch without pain,” Cota explained.  “Combining the Infrared Sauna with float therapy has given me more relief than any traditional pain management method.”

With an education in psychology, Colby believes her natural curiosity and penchant for research led to creating a facility that is ideal for stress relief and promoting physical health. She feels it’s the business that she was always meant to run.

“When I was looking for something to improve our health, I was also looking for a new business venture and it seems Salts pretty much found me,” she acknowledged.

For a growing list of clients, SALTS is also a relaxing escape from the daily grind.  The Halo room has six lounge chairs and is extremely quiet, with the exception of lulling instrumental music that drifts above: Its dimensions are washed in soft illumination, while one wall is adorned with bricks of Himalayan salt blocks with colored back lighting. Its floor is also covered in crushed salt, which contributes to the air quality of the vaporizer.  When walking in, clients tend to feel a change of the energy. 

“We live in a crazy world and we need to take it down a notch once in a while,” Colby said.

There is also a children’s Halo room in the front of SALTS where parents can take their kids to help with allergies, bronchitis and other maladies. Cota sees it as a perfect method for helping with kids’ health without subjecting them to the kinds of dramatic treatments they tend to dread.

“They go in and there are toys,” Cota explained. “Their parents are there with them and they have fun while receiving treatment for their lungs.” 

She added that the kids’ room is a testament to how safe the therapy is, as it only uses salt.

The floatation room and Infrared Sauna are equipped with full showers, as well as luxurious towels, cloths, robes, and slippers for each client. The floatation room offers the option of low-to-no light, along with piped-in music to enhance the zero-gravity-like stress-relieving experience.

Colby describes the Infrared Sauna as a process designed to heat from the inside out, while clients can periodically exit the chamber to soak under the shower and then re-enter the sauna. 

“It is kind of like a day at the beach,” she said.  “You take in the heat and get in the water to cool off and repeat. The inside-out heating of the I/R sauna also lets one stay in longer, which removes more toxins.”

One very relaxed and satisfied SALTS client, Karen Dunmoore of Granite Bay, said she is glad she came back after checking the facility out. Dunmoore stopped in, went home and researched the therapies. She’s been coming in for regular treatments now for more than three months. 

“It only gets better with every visit,” Dunmoore noted, emphasizing that Salts therapies are more unique than any others she’s tried.

 “With SALTS’ treatment, I have a degree of energy and clarity when I am done,” Dunmoore continued. “I’m ready to take on the day. As far as pain management, I dislike drugs and the I-R sauna and flotation are so much better when it comes to my needs”.

For Colby, an added bonus of opening her business in her hometown of Granite Bay has been that it has allowed her to connect with the wider community. She has been able to donate sessions at SALTS to a recent cystic fibrosis benefit and she’s also hired Granite Bay High School students to work on her business photography for websites and social media.

“We like where we live, so we really wanted to open here,” Colby stressed.  “I really want to help any and all, and the best place to start is at home and grow from there.”