Granite Bay doctor Ed Hendricks going strong after 80th birthday bash

By: Eileen Wilson for the Press Tribune and Granite Bay View
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If you’ve ever needed a consultation about weight loss or just wanted to investigate a life-changing, healthier way to live, it’s likely you were referred to Doctor Ed Hendricks.

Hendricks, founder of Hendricks for Health Center for Weight Management, recently celebrated his 80th birthday with a blowout party – a catered event with nearly 100 guests that included family, friends and colleagues from across the country.

After helping hundreds of patients extend their lives and improve their health, it’s no wonder so many people want to celebrate the Granite Bay doctor’s milestone.

Hendricks began his impressive career as a pathologist for the United States Air Force after attending Rice University on scholarship. He went to Columbia University for medical school and was an Air Force medical captain during the Vietnam War.

Finding himself overweight and suffering from high blood pressure, the doctor decided to get fit. He soon began teaching others how to get fit, as well.

Hendricks and his wife, Paula, started an obesity practice together, both being passionate about preventative medicine through nutrition.

“We wanted to do something that would fulfill us both professionally and personally,” Paula said.

The Center for Weight Management has been going strong for 25 years, and the Hendricks’ have offices in both Roseville and Sacramento. It’s obvious that weight management and nutrition go hand-in-hand but oftentimes we don’t know how to eat properly.

The center provides detailed body chemistry analysis, and its staff can explain which nutrients and macronutrients are needed to for an individual’s optimum health.

Hendricks is a model of health himself, a proponent of eating lean proteins and plenty of vegetables and regular exercise. At 80 years old, he is as fit and active as ever.

The doctor is considered an authority in the field of obesity medicine pharmacotherapy, and he speaks nationally and also far afield, in places like Liverpool, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. He’s authored numerous research papers in addition to being the president of the Board of Trustees of the Obesity Treatment Foundation.

Paula, a nutritionist and expert party planner, surprised her husband by inviting colleagues and friends from across the globe to enjoy the birthday bash.

The doctor has no plans to retire.

“I’m planning to keep working, keep learning, stay fit and to hang out with friends and family,” he said.

Hendricks maintains an optimistic view on life and though he is proud of the business he and Paula have built, and for helping clients change their lives, he is likely most proud of his family. His daughter, Mia, is in graduate school, and Ed’s additional children, David, Debbie, John and James, all have university degrees and professional careers. Hendricks also has eight grandchildren, all who have college degrees or are students.

Among all his family members, the Hendricks clan has a combined total of 11 university degrees and three post-grad degrees.

“And counting,” Hendricks said.

Paula was thrilled with the successful birthday event.

“His children each thanked him for providing for them growing up and giving them the opportunity to obtain college degrees,” she recalled. “And for supporting them emotionally through adulthood. They also thanked him for teaching them the importance of family, education and good health.”

Hendricks is working on both a professional book on obesity medicine and a personal book to leave his children on how to be successful in life with work and family through his life experiences.

Paula said that her favorite Ed-ism is this: “To ensure a long and healthy life, eat like a caveman, exercise daily, never stop learning, love your family unconditionally, and thank God for it all”.