The code to Mojo: Granite Bay trainer gives upcoming library talk

Lorri Ann Code is the master of ‘Mama Boot Camp’
By: Eileen Wilson for the Press Tribune and Granite Bay View
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Could you find your “mojo” in just a year?  Lorri Ann Code, author of “52 Weeks to Find Your Mojo” and founder of Mama Boot Camp believes you can; and her newly released book tells you exactly how. Code will speak at a Friends of the Granite Bay Library event on January 30. Friends President Debby Bedwell told the Press Tribune and Granite Bay View she is thrilled to host Code at one of the area’s community hub.

“We’re excited to have Lorri Ann Code take the lead in our 2016 program by sharing her new book, ‘52 weeks to find your Mojo, a Guide to Inspiration, Motivation and Fitness,’” Bedwell said.  “What a great way to start the new year, by learning more about how to stay healthy in mind, spirit and physical fitness. Lorri Ann’s passion is contagious and engaging. Who doesn’t want to learn how to start their day or their year with words of encouragement that can improve your fitness and spirit.”

The Press Tribune and Granite Bay View recently caught up with Code to find out about the essence of Mojo.

PT:  What’s “52 Weeks to Find Your Mojo” about?

Code: The book includes life coaching, nutrition and exercise – all are equally important.  The first part of personal training is between the ears. Each chapter of the book includes a personal story with a challenge and an action plan that is designed to explain, motivate and inspire, so you can create a better life. The book dispels misinformation about nutrition, and I try to be pretty straightforward in the book. If you eat garbage, you will feel like garbage.

PT:      Why did you start Mama Boot Camp and what is it?

Code:  I’ve seen a huge rise in Type 2 diabetes, especially in kids over the years, and with 17 years in the fitness industry I know that fad diets don’t work. I teach people to keep it simple with lean protein, fruits and veggies, and to eat small meals rather than three squares a day. Mama Bootcamp is offered at multiple locations, and includes unlimited in-studio Yoga, nutritional coaching and meal planning, body measurements, body fat testing, and training programs.

PT:  What’s different about the Mama approach?

Code:  Our clients are mostly referrals from other Mamas, and my trainers and I genuinely care about each one of them. A lot of people are scared. They don’t think they can do it.  Maybe they’re embarrassed, maybe they’ve gotten out of shape and they don’t want people to see them, or maybe they’ve been injured in a previous program.  I’m authentic, and everyone who shows up, it’s an honor to me that they’re here. People say that Mama Bootcamp just feels right.

PT:  What else should people who are thinking of starting a new program know about Mama Boot Camp?

Code: I’ve been in the area for a long time, and I taught classes at Johnson Ranch Racquet Club for quite a while, and was also a personal trainer there. I started Mama Bootcamp in 2007 and my coaches all go through my own certified program, and they’ve felt what it’s like to rock your mojo – and they want to share that. It’s about confidence and it’s about energy.  I love teaching classes – the rewards and the challenges.  We’re about goal setting, and coaching also includes sessions for triathlon training, including swimming.  We have a walking coach, we have a running coach, and right now we are training a group of 70 women who will run or run-walk the Shamrock Half Marathon in March.  We’re the only “all women” multi-sport training program in the Sacramento area.  We also do paddle boarding, hiking and trail running.

PT:  How can we get a copy of your book?

Code:  I’ll be talking about the book and signing copies at the Granite Bay Library on January 30. You can also purchase the book Online through Amazon.